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Info Nepal Tours and Treks

Listing Name Info Nepal Tours and Treks
Address Thamel
City Kathmandu
District Kathmandu
Phone +97714440438
Updated on 2018-09-27
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Info Nepal Tours And Trek Pvt. Ltd has set advances its renowned mission that incorporates a reasonable climbing, visits, and mountaineering. Info Nepal Treks and Tour ensures practical notwithstanding plausible essential rights to the zone staffs. The Info Nepal Treks and Tour assembles its objective at giving better offices to the representatives to upgrade their working proficiency all together that our guests will value the climbing, trips and mountaineering. The business submits at providing level with deference in any case manuals, trekkers, doormen and different staffs in regards to social segregation and racial shamefulness. Since it’s watched an awesome obstruction for the execution of great occupation expedited by racial foul play around the country, the business has safeguarded an artistic administration to deter such societal separation and isolation won.