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Nepal Hiking Trek

Listing Name Nepal Hiking Trek
Address Nayabazer
City kathmandu
District Kathmandu
Phone +977 14382770
Updated on 2018-08-20
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Nepal Hiking Trek is the travel agencies which at the Nayabazar Kathmandu. We provide the different travel and tour services and facilities to the visitor. We provide the city tour and their sightseeing to the interested visitor. We are providing the service and facilities to the visitor since 2015 AD. We will provide the adventure complete package so the visitor without the making plan can also make the adventure with us. We will also help the people with different ages, capacity, and skills in the adventure trek and the trek they are interested that few dare to reach theirs. We provide the experience Himalayan trekkers and guide to provide the guidelines the visitor during the adventure trek and the city tour.