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Gautam Energy Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

Listing Name Gautam Energy Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.
Address Butwal Industrial Estate
City Rupendehi, Butwal-12
District Rupandehi
Phone 071-550140, 9847027037
Updated on 2017-01-06
Related Categorie(s) Engineering Hydro

Feasibility study for various Pico Hydro, Micro Hydro and Mini Hydro Project
Manufacturing of Pico, Micro & Mini Hydro Project's accessories (Pelton turbine, Crossflow Turbine, ELC, IGC, Penstock Pipe Expansion joints, Trash Racks, Sluice Gate Flushing Cones etc.
Installation of Pico, Micro, & Mini Hydro Power Projects.
Repairing and maintenance of various Pico & Micro Hydro Projects
Contact Person: Hari Bhakta Gautam,